Move to Bicycle City

paintingThinking about moving to jump-start your career? Looking for a new place to call home?

Consider Bicycle City, an ideal place for singles to relocate.

Bicycle City is an eco-friendly, car-free town that emphasizes a strong sense of community, an active lifestyle and a diverse, thriving economy.

The community will be anchored by a commercial core, full of interesting shops, an organic farmer's market and business space. We hope to draw a variety of high tech businesses to Bicycle City so that we can offer interesting, well-paying employment. Many of our jobs will come from the building of the community as well as its sustainability, such as in our solar energy production.

workingOur residents will share a like-minded vision of the world and have lots in common. We expect to be home to people who share a passion for bicycling, who are committed to protecting the earth's natural resources, animal lovers, people who are conscious of their health and those interested in active lifestyles and outdoor recreation. Our community will be designed to foster close connections and help neighbors become friends. Finding someone to take an evening hike should never be a problem.

Bicycle City is new and better, an ideal place for people of all ages who are interested in living somewhere different.

We are now taking reservations for our first community. To learn more, visit BicycleCity.com/Reservations.

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Car-Free Living in Bicycle City

Bicycle City - Car Free - SkaterA unique feature of Bicycle City is that it is car free. This means that your car, if you have one, stays parked in a structure on the perimeter of the community, and inside Bicycle City, you'll get to work, the market, school, or wherever you need to go by walking or biking or whatever other way of human-powered transportation works for you.

We're car free for a lot of reasons.

  • It's safer. It's safer for kids who want to play outside and ride their bikes and not worry about being too small to be seen by a speeding truck. It's safer for cyclists who are tired of fighting car traffic on their way to work. It's safer for animals who simply want to cross the street and find dinner. 
  • It's better for the earth. Climate change is a problem that is escalating to tragic proportions, and keeping cars off the road is one way to help scale down emissions. Bicycle City is designed to be walkable, which means that everything you'll need is just a short trip from home. You'll never even miss your car, and you'll also get to be more in touch with your community and enjoy your natural surroundings.
  • Bicycle City - Car Free - Jogging

  • It's quieter. Forget the sounds of engines, car horns, screeching tires or misfires. Instead, you'll hear your neighbors wishing you a good morning. You'll hear leaves rustling in the breeze. You'll hear birds singing and children laughing.
  • It's healthier. Not only will you not have to breathe auto emissions, but you'll become physically more fit, and you probably won't even know it's happening. Those extra calories will melt right off as you walk to the farmer's market to buy organic vegetables to serve for dinner, or as you bike home from work. You'll be so busy enjoying freedom from your car that you won't even realize you're exercising.


Bicycle City - Car Free - BikingDoes living in a car-free community sound like something you want to be a part of? We're taking the first reservations to live in Bicycle City, so if you're ready to learn more, visit BicycleCity.com/Reservations.

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Bicycle City's Commitment to the Environment

Bicycle City - Recycle
Bicycle City is committed to providing a healthy place for
people and animals to live, one that is clean and natural and leaves as small a
carbon footprint as possible. As a green community, we’ll strive to be leaders
in the use of:

Bicycle City - Wind Power
Clean energy sources – We will maximize our use of solar,
wind and other clean, renewable energy sources. Our hope is that our community
will rely solely on clean energy. For more on Bicycle City’s commitment to
clean energy, visit BicycleCity.com/Energy.

Clean technology – Bicycle City plans to meet all 11
segments of cleantech, including organic agriculture; clean air; energy
efficiency, generation, infrastructure and storage; light manufacturing; recycled
materials; facilitated recycling; human-powered transportation; and water
conservation. For more, visit BicycleCity.com/Technologies.

Organic farming – Our commitment to the earth includes a
commitment to natural foods. We aim to provide an abundance of chemical-free
produce to our residents in an effort to rid the world of pesticides and other
pollutants. Bicycle City - GrapesTo learn more about our organic farming efforts, check out

Sustainable development –We are working with Kirstin Miller
of Ecocity Builders to develop and adhere to a list of sustainability goals,
based on the 10 Sustainability Principles of One Planet Living. Visit
BicycleCity.com/Sustainable-Development to read more about these goals.

Ecotourism – Just as we hope to have our community serve as
a model for future green development, we also hope that our community will
serve as a model for daily living for those who visit us on environmentally-responsible
vacations. Read more about our goals for eco-tourism at

Human-powered transportation – Perhaps in our strongest
commitment to combating climate change is our car-free nature. Residents who
own cars will park them on the perimeter of the community and rely on walking,
cycling or other methods of human-powered transportation to get around. Bicycle
City will be designed to cater to people on foot, which a dense commercial and
residential core. Everything one could need on a given day will be available
within walking distance of their home. To learn more about transportation in
Bicycle City, visit BicycleCity.com/Transportation.

If an environmentally-friendly community sounds like one you'd like to call home, visit BicycleCity.com/Reservations to learn more about making a reservation in our upcoming community.

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Outdoor Recreation in Bicycle City

family hikingOutdoor enthusiasts, listen up! How would you like to live
minutes from a lake in which you can kayak? How about minutes from great
mountain biking and hiking trails?

Bicycle City is an upcoming community that is designed
specifically for people who seek an active lifestyle, one in which outdoor recreation
is a part of everyday life.

As a car-free community, Bicycle City will be a
naturally-active place to live, where people walk and bike to get to work and
complete daily errands. But in addition to our reliance on human-powered
methods of transportation, we’ll emphasize the importance of enjoying the
outdoors. After all, Bicycle City is a place to live, work and play.

So while maybe now it’s a half hour drive to your favorite
hiking location, in Bicycle City, the trail is just outside your door. Forget
strapping your kayak to the roof of your car. There’s a lake just down the way.

In 2005, more than 70% of Americans took part in some form
of outdoor recreation, and the most popular activities were cycling, hiking,
camping, trail running, bird watching and paddle sports such as canoing or
rafting or kayaking. Bicycle City will make it easy for anyone to participate
in outdoor activities. bird watchingWith an abundance of lakes and ponds, you’ll be able to
enjoy your favorite water sports, or maybe try something new. Leisure cyclists
will enjoy the trails winding through the commons and neighborhoods, while
mountain bikers will love our rugged hills. With most of our property earmarked
to stay in its natural state, you’ll be free to enjoy nature in its purest

If an active outdoor community sounds like a place you’d
like to call home, check out BicycleCity.com/Reservations and find out how to
be one of the first to live in Bicycle City.

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Ecotourism in Bicycle City

Bicycle City - Ecotourism and Travel
Are you interested in ecotourism? How about responsible
travel? If so, Bicycle City may be the perfect destination for your next

Bicycle City is being created to serve as a model
eco-friendly community, one that is great not only for year-round living but
also for year-round visiting. When you visit us, you’ll experience first-hand
how easy it is to be a responsible traveler and how easy it is to minimize your
impact. You’ll go home with new knowledge on clean energy, recycling, organic
food and more. You’ll develop an awareness of how your car trips, your waste
and your food choices impact our planet. You’ll leave Bicycle City wanting to
bring change back to your home community. You might not even want to go home.
You might want to stay forever. We’d like that.

Bicycle City - Ecotourism and Travel
Green vacations are hot. 13% of all US travelers in 2006
were considered eco-tourists, comprising a $77 billion market. Eco-vacations
make up the fastest-growing segment of all US travel and grew by 30% in just
five years. More than 75% of travelers want to ensure their visits don’t damage
the environment and 17 million US travelers consider the environment when
making vacation plans.

Eco-tourists want to leave a small carbon footprint, visit
national forests and recreation areas, and absorb all the history and culture
they can along the way. Bicycle City is working to make sure that when you
visit, you won’t leave a footprint behind. We’re working to make sure that you’ll
enjoy experiencing the art and culture and recreation opportunities our
community offers, all while not having to worry that you’re damaging the earth.

(Source: International
Ecotourism Society

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Bicycle Advocacy in Bicycle City

Bicycle City - Advocacy for the LifestyleIn Bicycle City, bicycling is encouraged. It’s preferred. It’s safe.

Talk about the perfect place for bicycle advocacy.

Bicycle City - Advocacy for the LifestyleAs a model cycling community, Bicycle City will be home to hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are passionate about biking. Collectively, this group could be one of the largest and most influential voices to speak in favor of bicycle reform. We hope that our residents will speak openly and enthusiastically to advocate for change, to help other cities make smarter, safer, more inclusive decisions in planning for motorists and cyclists.

We plan to work with other bicycle advocacy groups, perhaps such
as the League of American Bicyclists, ProBicycle, or the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to further a shared mission in making cycling an easy transportation option for all.


If a car-free community where safe cycling is a way of life sounds like a place you’d like to live, check out BicycleCity.com/Reservations to secure your place in our new community.

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Bicycle Safety in Bicycle City

Bicycle Safety in Bicycle City - Helmet
Safety is a huge concern when it comes to cycling, especially for children. It's one of the reasons the idea for Bicycle City came to be. We envisioned a place where children and adults were free to enjoy their bikes without worrying about getting hit by cars or trucks. In 2002, nearly 500 kids were killed by cars, and more than 38,000 (you read that right - thousand) were injured in traffic accidents. We want our community to serve as a model, to show that bicycles are a vital part of any city and that, with a few safety measures, cyclists don't have to be victims.

Bicycle Safety in Bicycle City - Car Free
So how is Bicycle City safer?

  • Keeping cars on the perimeter of the community helps. When you or your kids venture outside on a bike, you won't have to fear getting struck from behind or being sideswiped.
  • Without cars, our residents will share a reliance on bicycles and therefore share a heightened awareness and sensitivity to safety concerns.
  • Our pathways will be designed exclusively for cyclists and pedestrians with safety in mind and will include clear signage and strong lighting.
  • Bicycle Safety in Bicycle City - Bicycle RepairWe'll have plenty of bike shops in our community, which means there will be plenty of experts to help keep your bike in good shape, and they'll be able to help make sure you're wearing a helmet that fits properly, both key to staying safe on a bike.

In Bicycle City, our residents of all ages will strap on their helmets and ride away, free to enjoy the ride and the scenery without worrying about road rage, unmarked lanes, or no lanes at all. Bicycle City is designed for safe cycling.

Does a safe place to bike sound like somewhere you'd like to live? Consider making a reservation in our community.
Visit BicycleCity.com/Reservations to learn more.

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Bicycling in Bicycle City

Bicycle City - Bicycling in a Car Free Environment Are you a cyclist? You might spend your commutes to work
fighting for your life in a sea of auto traffic. You probably dream of a place
where you can ride your bike to work without fearing injury or death, where
cycling is encouraged and not spited, where people of all ages can hop on a
bicycle and go to work or school or the store without another care in the

Boy, do we have good news for you.

This place you’ve been dreaming about? It’s called Bicycle City, and we’re making it happen.

Bicycle City is more than a name. It’s a lifestyle.

In Bicycle City, there are:

  • No cars. Cars might be handy for family trips out of state
    to see Grandma, but when you live less than a mile from your office, your
    market, your friends – pretty much everything you’ll need on any given day –
    why bother with a car? Our cars are parked on the outskirts of Bicycle City,
    and inside our community, people ride their bikes. They walk. They ride
    skateboards or roller blade. We don’t bother with parking lots that take over
    entire landscapes. We don’t want our cyclists risking debilitating injury just
    to get to work or to pick up a loaf of bread. Here, you’ll enjoy every minute
    on your bike free from aggressive drivers who always seem like they’re out to
    get you.Bicycle City - Bicycling in a Car Free Environment
  • Trails, trails and more trails. We’re committed to fostering
    an active lifestyle for all of our residents. So when you’re just itching to
    take your bike away from everyday life and be one with nature, you’ll be able
    to do just that. There will be hills and valleys and everything else that makes
    for a great afternoon ride.
  • Other cyclists. Sure, Bicycle City will have people who are more inclined to walk or skate, but many of our residents will love to bike, just like you. If they aren't fanatics yet, they will be once they realize the sense of freedom a bicycle offers. You'll be able to meet people who love what you love, and not only will you be able to ride together, you'll share a community, living and working with the same ideals.

Bicycle City was born out of a dream of people who love to bike just as much as you do, who envisioned a lifestyle where biking was safe and encouraged and appreciated. If you think our community sounds like a place you'd like to live, it's time to get it on the action. We've started offering reservations for homes, condos and apartments in the upcoming Bicycle City. If you want to be one of the first to call Bicycle City home, visit BicycleCity.com/Reservations.

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What is Bicycle City?

condosBicycle City is a planned, compact-design community where people live, work and visit. Its eco-friendly, car-free design is healthy, sustainable and animal-friendly. Bicycle City is designed to have the best of large cities and small towns. BC is walking-, running- and cycling-friendly with most everything needed located nearby. If someone owns a car, they park it conveniently on the outside perimeter of the city. Children and animals are safer without motor vehicles. Without the need to drive to work, people use less energy, save money and have less stress. Drive Less. Live More.

John Naisbitt, in Megatrends, wrote about a "high tech/high touch" future - as we are inundated with more and more technology, we will embrace the "high touch" aspects of life to create a balance. For Bicycle City, this means embracing the AND - the best, clean, safe and sustainable technologies AND the softer side of life: organic farming, sense of community, holistic, family, beauty, music, art, etc.

The Need

There is a niche of people in the world who want to live somewhere better. Somewhere that isn't an asphalt jungle. Somewhere their kids are safe and won't get hit by a car. Somewhere with clean air, beauty and a good job. They want less stress. They want a new design for a city - a place that is designed and built now for this century not endless patchwork on top of designs from 100-200 years ago.


Woman with Flower

Bicycle City Highlights

  • Walkable, Mixed-Use Community
  • Vibrant Local Economy
  • Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Design
  • Organic Farming
  • Human Powered Transportation
  • Friendly, Diverse Community
  • Active, Healthy Lifestyle
  • Solar, Wind and other Alternative Energies
  • Animal-Friendly

Imagine living and working in a place with little or no:

  • Local Pollution
  • Traffic Jams
  • Parking Lots
  • National Franchises
  • Strip Malls
  • Chemicals
  • "Cookie Cutter" Design
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Community at Bicycle City

Bicycle City CommunityTo be a success, Bicycle City must be a wonderful community in which to live, work and play. It must have all of the same elements and benefits of other communities and more. We have included images on this page to show you the concept we are trying to convey – the images do not represent anything actual at this time.

Community Events

Imagine living in a place with interesting community events going on almost all of the time. Some of the events we hope to host in Bicycle City include:

  • Active & Healthy Retirement Convention
  • Alternative Energy Convention
  • Animal Community Convention
  • Animal Group Leaders Roundtable
  • Animal Sanctuary Leaders Roundtable
  • Art Festivals (visual and performing arts)
  • Bicycle Business Conference
  • Bicycle City Marathon
  • Children's Health and Safety Forum
  • Children’s Sports, such as Little League Baseball
  • Cycle Transportation Conference
  • Clean Technology Workshop
  • Climate Change Forum
  • Concerts
  • Cycle Safety Conference
  • Eco-Entrepreneurs Conference
  • Eco-Music Festival
  • Eco-Urban Planning Forum
  • Eco-Community Builders Convention
  • Eco-Community Construction Conference
  • An October 2007 Growth and Transportation Survey sponsored by the National Association of Realtors and Smart Growth America revealed that nearly nine in 10 people believe new communities need to be designed so that people can walk more and that new homes and buildings should be built to be more energy efficient.

    People who live in areas of suburban sprawl tend to weigh more and have higher blood pressure than do those who live in more compact or urban neighborhoods. (Smart Growth America)

  • Eco Art Festival
  • Endangered Species Forum
  • Environmental Design Forum
  • Environmental Leaders Roundtable
  • Green Athletes Forum
  • Green Celebrity Forum
  • Green Governor’s Annual Meeting
  • Green Governing Conference
  • Green is Green Conference
  • Green Philanthropy Roundtable
  • Kayaking ‘K’onvention
  • Holistic Health Care Forum
  • Montessori Conference
  • Organic Gardening Club Meetings
  • Organic Growers Annual Meeting
  • Progressive Education Conference
  • Selling Green Conference
  • Street Artists and Musicians
  • Tour De Bicycle City Annual Bicycle Race
  • Vegetarian Chef Convention
  • Weight Loss Week

Community Goals

Imagine when the first Bicycle City is complete... what achievements might we want to have accomplished? Here are some ideas that come to mind:

Bicycle City Restaurant

  • We plan to employ highly skilled and highly paid teachers in our schools.
  • Bicycle City places strong importance on creating a healthy lifestyle for our residents.
  • Our homes will be built to be truly green.
  • Bicycle City hopes to have a high number of homes boasting high-speed Internet access.
  • We plan to be home to a significant number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.
  • Bicycle City will have measures in place to ensure the highest level of child safety.
  • Our community will have many pedestrian and cycling trails.
  • We hope to have tremendous job growth.
  • We hope to be one of the country's most diverse small towns.
  • Bicycle City plans to be the first car-free community of its kind.
  • We plan to have bountiful organic farms to encourage a high rate of organic food consumption.
  • Our hope is that Bicycle City will offer the lowest carbon output per capita of any community in the United States.
  • Bicycle City plans to have very strong animal protection laws to ensure the health and well-being of our wildlife.
  • We hope to have very high levels of community satisfaction among our residents.

To learn more about communities that are favorable for cyclists, check out our profiles on bicycle-friendly communities around the world.

In what kind of community would you like to live? What things do you like and dislike about where you live now? What ideas do you have for Bicycle City in terms of events, government, education and health care? Please complete the form in the column to the right and let us know your thoughts.

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