Ecotourism in Bicycle City

Bicycle City - Ecotourism and Travel
Are you interested in ecotourism? How about responsible
travel? If so, Bicycle City may be the perfect destination for your next

Bicycle City is being created to serve as a model
eco-friendly community, one that is great not only for year-round living but
also for year-round visiting. When you visit us, you’ll experience first-hand
how easy it is to be a responsible traveler and how easy it is to minimize your
impact. You’ll go home with new knowledge on clean energy, recycling, organic
food and more. You’ll develop an awareness of how your car trips, your waste
and your food choices impact our planet. You’ll leave Bicycle City wanting to
bring change back to your home community. You might not even want to go home.
You might want to stay forever. We’d like that.

Bicycle City - Ecotourism and Travel
Green vacations are hot. 13% of all US travelers in 2006
were considered eco-tourists, comprising a $77 billion market. Eco-vacations
make up the fastest-growing segment of all US travel and grew by 30% in just
five years. More than 75% of travelers want to ensure their visits don’t damage
the environment and 17 million US travelers consider the environment when
making vacation plans.

Eco-tourists want to leave a small carbon footprint, visit
national forests and recreation areas, and absorb all the history and culture
they can along the way. Bicycle City is working to make sure that when you
visit, you won’t leave a footprint behind. We’re working to make sure that you’ll
enjoy experiencing the art and culture and recreation opportunities our
community offers, all while not having to worry that you’re damaging the earth.

(Source: International
Ecotourism Society

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