Move to Bicycle City

paintingThinking about moving to jump-start your career? Looking for a new place to call home?

Consider Bicycle City, an ideal place for singles to relocate.

Bicycle City is an eco-friendly, car-free town that emphasizes a strong sense of community, an active lifestyle and a diverse, thriving economy.

The community will be anchored by a commercial core, full of interesting shops, an organic farmer's market and business space. We hope to draw a variety of high tech businesses to Bicycle City so that we can offer interesting, well-paying employment. Many of our jobs will come from the building of the community as well as its sustainability, such as in our solar energy production.

workingOur residents will share a like-minded vision of the world and have lots in common. We expect to be home to people who share a passion for bicycling, who are committed to protecting the earth's natural resources, animal lovers, people who are conscious of their health and those interested in active lifestyles and outdoor recreation. Our community will be designed to foster close connections and help neighbors become friends. Finding someone to take an evening hike should never be a problem.

Bicycle City is new and better, an ideal place for people of all ages who are interested in living somewhere different.

We are now taking reservations for our first community. To learn more, visit

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