Car-Free Living in Bicycle City

Bicycle City - Car Free - SkaterA unique feature of Bicycle City is that it is car free. This means that your car, if you have one, stays parked in a structure on the perimeter of the community, and inside Bicycle City, you'll get to work, the market, school, or wherever you need to go by walking or biking or whatever other way of human-powered transportation works for you.

We're car free for a lot of reasons.

  • It's safer. It's safer for kids who want to play outside and ride their bikes and not worry about being too small to be seen by a speeding truck. It's safer for cyclists who are tired of fighting car traffic on their way to work. It's safer for animals who simply want to cross the street and find dinner. 
  • It's better for the earth. Climate change is a problem that is escalating to tragic proportions, and keeping cars off the road is one way to help scale down emissions. Bicycle City is designed to be walkable, which means that everything you'll need is just a short trip from home. You'll never even miss your car, and you'll also get to be more in touch with your community and enjoy your natural surroundings.
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  • It's quieter. Forget the sounds of engines, car horns, screeching tires or misfires. Instead, you'll hear your neighbors wishing you a good morning. You'll hear leaves rustling in the breeze. You'll hear birds singing and children laughing.
  • It's healthier. Not only will you not have to breathe auto emissions, but you'll become physically more fit, and you probably won't even know it's happening. Those extra calories will melt right off as you walk to the farmer's market to buy organic vegetables to serve for dinner, or as you bike home from work. You'll be so busy enjoying freedom from your car that you won't even realize you're exercising.


Bicycle City - Car Free - BikingDoes living in a car-free community sound like something you want to be a part of? We're taking the first reservations to live in Bicycle City, so if you're ready to learn more, visit

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