Bicycling in Bicycle City

Bicycle City - Bicycling in a Car Free Environment Are you a cyclist? You might spend your commutes to work
fighting for your life in a sea of auto traffic. You probably dream of a place
where you can ride your bike to work without fearing injury or death, where
cycling is encouraged and not spited, where people of all ages can hop on a
bicycle and go to work or school or the store without another care in the

Boy, do we have good news for you.

This place you’ve been dreaming about? It’s called Bicycle City, and we’re making it happen.

Bicycle City is more than a name. It’s a lifestyle.

In Bicycle City, there are:

  • No cars. Cars might be handy for family trips out of state
    to see Grandma, but when you live less than a mile from your office, your
    market, your friends – pretty much everything you’ll need on any given day –
    why bother with a car? Our cars are parked on the outskirts of Bicycle City,
    and inside our community, people ride their bikes. They walk. They ride
    skateboards or roller blade. We don’t bother with parking lots that take over
    entire landscapes. We don’t want our cyclists risking debilitating injury just
    to get to work or to pick up a loaf of bread. Here, you’ll enjoy every minute
    on your bike free from aggressive drivers who always seem like they’re out to
    get you.Bicycle City - Bicycling in a Car Free Environment
  • Trails, trails and more trails. We’re committed to fostering
    an active lifestyle for all of our residents. So when you’re just itching to
    take your bike away from everyday life and be one with nature, you’ll be able
    to do just that. There will be hills and valleys and everything else that makes
    for a great afternoon ride.
  • Other cyclists. Sure, Bicycle City will have people who are more inclined to walk or skate, but many of our residents will love to bike, just like you. If they aren't fanatics yet, they will be once they realize the sense of freedom a bicycle offers. You'll be able to meet people who love what you love, and not only will you be able to ride together, you'll share a community, living and working with the same ideals.

Bicycle City was born out of a dream of people who love to bike just as much as you do, who envisioned a lifestyle where biking was safe and encouraged and appreciated. If you think our community sounds like a place you'd like to live, it's time to get it on the action. We've started offering reservations for homes, condos and apartments in the upcoming Bicycle City. If you want to be one of the first to call Bicycle City home, visit

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