Bicycle Safety in Bicycle City

Bicycle Safety in Bicycle City - Helmet
Safety is a huge concern when it comes to cycling, especially for children. It's one of the reasons the idea for Bicycle City came to be. We envisioned a place where children and adults were free to enjoy their bikes without worrying about getting hit by cars or trucks. In 2002, nearly 500 kids were killed by cars, and more than 38,000 (you read that right - thousand) were injured in traffic accidents. We want our community to serve as a model, to show that bicycles are a vital part of any city and that, with a few safety measures, cyclists don't have to be victims.

Bicycle Safety in Bicycle City - Car Free
So how is Bicycle City safer?

  • Keeping cars on the perimeter of the community helps. When you or your kids venture outside on a bike, you won't have to fear getting struck from behind or being sideswiped.
  • Without cars, our residents will share a reliance on bicycles and therefore share a heightened awareness and sensitivity to safety concerns.
  • Our pathways will be designed exclusively for cyclists and pedestrians with safety in mind and will include clear signage and strong lighting.
  • Bicycle Safety in Bicycle City - Bicycle RepairWe'll have plenty of bike shops in our community, which means there will be plenty of experts to help keep your bike in good shape, and they'll be able to help make sure you're wearing a helmet that fits properly, both key to staying safe on a bike.

In Bicycle City, our residents of all ages will strap on their helmets and ride away, free to enjoy the ride and the scenery without worrying about road rage, unmarked lanes, or no lanes at all. Bicycle City is designed for safe cycling.

Does a safe place to bike sound like somewhere you'd like to live? Consider making a reservation in our community.
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