Urban Redevelopment and Bicycle City

Do you live in a city that seems to be more designed for cars, parking lots and strip malls than people? Bicycle City redevelopment projects can be part of a solution to make where you live great. Bicycle City redevelopment goals include:

  • Cordoning an area off where motorized vehicles are prohibited
  • Adding bio-diversity including significant numbers of trees and plants at the street level
  • Converting traditional roof tops to green roof tops
  • Developing a significant artist community with regular events: concerts, art exhibitions, speaking engagements, etc.
  • Promoting an active lifestyle with recreation and sporting events
  • Retrofitting buildings for sustainability

Richard Register’s vision for redevelopment is illustrated in his drawings shown below:

Bicycle City - Richard Register - Before Redevelopment

Bicycle City - Richard Register - During Redevelopment

Bicycle City - Richard Register - After Redevelopment

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