Who will live in Bicycle City?

Bicycle City will be home to a diverse group of people and families who are committed to living a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle.
Bicycle City appeals to people who want a place to live that is people-, animal- and earth-friendly, that is designed to be more community-centered, healthy, active, affordable, beautiful and interesting. People can live, work and play in the same community, reducing dependency on cars as well as the stress, time and cost that comes with commuting. Bicycle City will be home to people committed to reducing their impact on the Earth and who will embrace green building techniques and welcome recycling and other aspects of sustainability into their daily lives.

Since 1992-1993, the idea for Bicycle City has been continually influenced by some of the world’s most creative, forward-thinking people, including, but not limited to: Paolo Soleri, Frank Lloyd Wright, R. Buckminster Fuller, Sim Van der Ryn, Edward Mazria, Tom Bender, John Robbins, Scott Martin, John Nasbitt and Andreas Duany.

Bicycle City's mission is to design and build extraordinary eco-friendly, active and healthy communities to live, work and play. Together we will affect a profoundly positive impact on people, animals and the earth. Our team is working hard to design and develop communities that are right for our people, animals and earth - today. Ideally we can create Bicycle Cities in all 50 states and other countries.


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