Healthy Lifestyles in Bicycle City

Healthy Lifestyles in Bicycle City - Reserve TodayHealthy Lifestyles in Bicycle CityBicycle City seeks to exist in harmony with the natural environment, and in so, seeks to promote good health. Many illnesses, diseases and even death can be directly attributed to air and water pollution, traffic accidents, lack of exercise, pesticides in food and chemicals in building materials and cleaning agents. Today, more children than ever are obese and heart disease is a leading cause of death in adults. Cases of asthma are skyrocketing. Adults and children commonly are stricken with cancer that results from living near polluted rivers and dirty factories. Traffic accidents are routine, permanently injuring and often killing people of all ages.

An October 2007 Growth and Transportation Survey sponsored by the National Association of Realtors and Smart Growth America revealed that nearly nine in 10 people believe new communities need to be designed so that people can walk more and that new homes and buildings should be built to be more energy efficient.

People who live in areas of suburban sprawl tend to weigh more and have higher blood pressure than do those who live in more compact or urban neighborhoods. (Smart Growth America)

Bicycle City aims to promote health and well-being. By eliminating cars, we lose the smog and danger that are found in most cities. Relying on walking, cycling, skating and other methods of human-powered transportation, our residents will have unlimited opportunities to improve physical fitness. Our organic farms will provide fresh, chemical free produce that will offer nothing but the vitamins and minerals fruits and vegetables are famous for. Our buildings will be constructed with the health and safety of our residents and visitors in mind, using materials such as non-toxic paint and other eco-friendly building materials.

One of our goals is to promote an active lifestyle by facilitating access to activities such as hiking, swimming, mountain biking, kayaking and more, in addition to a community spirit with group activities such as theatre, dancing, crafts and book clubs. We hope this active, community-based lifestyle promotes good health, increased physical fitness and a strong sense of well-being.

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