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Sustainable Development - Bicycle City

Bicycle City’s Sustainability Goals are based on the ecocity definition as outlined by Ecocity Builders and Urban Ecology Australia, with inspiration from One Planet Living Communities’ 10 Sustainability Principles.

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Under development with Kirstin Miller, Bicycle City Advisor & Consultant


Buildings will make best use of sun, wind and rainfall to help supply the energy and water needs of occupants. Generally multistory to maximize the land available for greenspace.

  • Kirstin MillerBuildings and transport within Bicycle City will not contribute greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Through energy efficient design of the built environment, non-motorized transport, locally generated renewable energy, and features that include energy efficient lighting and appliances, BC seeks to serve as a model of energy and land conservation.
  • Through carefully designed waste reduction programs, convenient recycling and reuse, composting and comprehensive educational programs, Bicycle City will seek a large and ambitious reduction of waste from the US average.
  • Through thorough conservation measures, re-use of grey water, proposed carbon negative waste-water treatment and rainwater harvesting, Bicycle City will seek to minimally increase the use of municipally-supplied water to the site. The spring fed ponds and natural creeks and streams on the land will be carefully maintained and cared for. Because BC won’t need much in the way of paving (no cars!), the soil will maintain its natural role of a sponge for rainwater and recharging the ground water table. Green roofs and green streets with permeable paving will allow nature to provide its water filtration and purification services.


It is threaded with natural habitat corridors, to foster biodiversity and to give residents access to nature for recreation.

  • Bicycle City intends to set aside over half of the land for natural habitat, and a significant percent for organic farming, woodlands and grazing, and a large area for recreation. Native plant gardens on rooftops, native flowers, trees and grasses will nurture insects and birds and provide for additional food production, soil health and storm water management.richard register


Its food and other goods are sourced from within its borders or from nearby, in order to cut down on transport costs. The majority of its residents live within walking or cycling distance of their workplace.

  • The goal is for over half of all food consumed on-site to come from within 100 miles and a large percentage from the property’s own organic farm. Bicycle City will work with local farmers to provide healthy and fresh produce to residents and guests year round. A daily farmer’s market is planned for the Commons, the heart of the community.
  • Bicycle City is planning for a car free community accessed primarily by bicycling and walking. Both passenger and freight rail pass through the property, allowing for potential linkages to near and distant shopping, employment and vacation destinations. Car sharing clubs with electric vehicles stored on the city’s perimeter will allow residents to make regional quick trips when needed.


The goods it produces are designed for reuse, remanufacture, and recycling. The industrial processes its uses involve reuse of by-products, and minimize the movement of goods.

  • Bicycle City will source a majority of construction and production materials from within a 300-mile radius of its center. BC standards will ensure mostly local, reclaimed, renewable, recycled, healthy and low impact materials will be selected. Only nontoxic materials will be considered for indoor and outdoor environments.


It has a labor intensive rather than a material, energy, and water intensive economy, to maintain full employment and minimize material throughput.

  • Bicycle City will create new jobs and provide affordable rental and for-sale housing. “High Tech, High Touch” is our motto for business. In Bicycle City you’ll find Internet businesses and high tech design firms side by side with local craftspeople and businesses building bicycles, making furniture and pottery, and selling locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Last but not Least — Health and Wellbeing

Everyone in the community is needed and respected, everyone matters.

  • Bicycle City places health and happiness of both people and animals at the forefront of everything we do. Our goal is to provide a healthy and beautiful environment, inside and outside, for people and for animals, and for the benefit of the earth itself. Through regular community meetings, surveys and questionnaires, we will facilitate a positive atmosphere of cooperation and participation. Bicycle City is putting education at the heart of its plan for community services. From early childhood education onward, Bicycle City aims to offer educational programs that honor and nurture the individual creative spirit and talent of each individual. Additionally, the health and welfare of animals will be a top priority at Bicycle City: both human companion animals and the wild animals that already live on the land

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