Relocate to Bicycle City

Ready for a change? Time to relocate.

Bicycle City might be the right place for you.

Consider the following highlights of our planned community:

  • moversCar Free - This means your car, if you have one, stays on the perimeter of the community because you won't be needing it here. Our homes will all be located within easy walking distance of our shops, restaurants, offices and schools. You'll be able to get to work, buy your groceries and go to other activities by walking, cycling, skating, or whatever human-powered way you choose. Car free means our community is safer for animals and your children, and our residents won't be bothered by annoying traffic noise and harmful vehicle emissions.
  • familyActive - We're not another "active" golf community. With all our transportation based on human-power, we'll be a naturally-active community, but we'll also have lots of fun options, too, for our residents and visitors. Our network of cycling and walking paths will provide extensive opportunities - great hills for serious mountain bikers and hikers and level trails for the leisurely cyclists and walkers. Our ponds and lakes will be great for water sports, such as kayaking and swimming, and our community offerings will include group activities such as bowling or softball. If sports aren't for you, try a class, maybe in scrapbooking, pottery, photography or another area of interest.
  • Healthy- In addition to encouraging an active lifestyle, we place a strong emphasis on a healthy lifestyle as well. As an eco-friendly community, our homes and buildings will be green, which means not only will they be great for the environment, they'll be better for your health and your family's health as well. Our organic farm will supply an abundance of fresh produce to the community, helping you to make healthier dietary choices for yourself and your family.
  • Animal Friendly - If you're an animal lover, you'll enjoy living among wildlife who won't be disturbed from their natural habitats. We won't be cutting down any trees when we put up our buildings, so birds and squirrels and other animals won't lose their homes. Before we build anything, we'll have policies in place to make sure the animals that were there first won't be affected by our work. Finally, our green buildings mean that your household pets won't be affected by any harmful paint and other home emissions that non-green homes have.
  • Strong Community - Suburban sprawl is notorious for helping people become alienated from their community. But in Bicycle City, the community is what makes us who we are. We'll foster a strong sense of community through events, a celebration of the arts and plenty of common areas. Instead of tossing a wave to your neighbors as you fly down the street, you'll be more inclined to stop and chat and really get to know the diverse group of people who will call Bicycle City home.
  • Education - We're committed to providing great educational opportunities to your chidren. Initially, our kids will have to attend school in the local school district, but as we grow, we plan to offer schools within Bicycle City. For more information on our educational plans, visit BicycleCity.com/Education.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not. Bicycle City is coming. If your family wants to be one of the first to call our community home, make a reservation at BicycleCity.com/Reservations.

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Visitors at Bicycle City

Bicycle City - Visitors
The plans for Bicycle City include the development of accommodations for visitors. In 2005, domestic tourism was a $2 billion industry, and 75% of those trips were for lesiure. We hope that those trip itineraries will soon include Bicycle City.

We will offer Bicycle City as a vacation spot for singles, retirees and families. The community will sponsor events and conferences and will actively pursue meeting and convention clients. The hotel or lodge will include active events as well as relaxing spa visits. As of July 2007, there were 14,615 spas in the U.S., an increase of 48% from 2003. There are more than 32 million active spa-goers in the U.S, who generated $9.4 billion in 2006.

Local businesses will support a healthy, earth-friendly atmosphere by offering food, products and services of a healthy or environmentally-friendly nature. These businesses will benefit from the tourism as well as from local residents.

Bicycle City - Visitors - Kayak
Visitors will likely want to take part in our active lifestyle offerings, perhaps partaking in kayaking or mountain biking, or something a little less intense, such as shopping in our famer's market or taking a class.

Bicycle City also will sponsor events such as marathons and bicycle races, concerts and festivals, and encourage artists of all kinds – painters, musicians, writers – to live in or visit the community.

Bicycle City - Visitors - Tourists
Most domestic travel involves a short trip, a household family, and nights at a hotel, motel or bed and breakfast. Amtrak ridership is increasing in the wake of rising gas prices. Bicycle City plans to accomodate travelers of all demographics with comfortable accomodations and plenty of recreational and leisure activities.

(Sources: International Spa Association Industry, Travel Industry of America)

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Who will live in Bicycle City?

Bicycle City will be home to a diverse group of people and families who are committed to living a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle.
Bicycle City appeals to people who want a place to live that is people-, animal- and earth-friendly, that is designed to be more community-centered, healthy, active, affordable, beautiful and interesting. People can live, work and play in the same community, reducing dependency on cars as well as the stress, time and cost that comes with commuting. Bicycle City will be home to people committed to reducing their impact on the Earth and who will embrace green building techniques and welcome recycling and other aspects of sustainability into their daily lives.

Since 1992-1993, the idea for Bicycle City has been continually influenced by some of the world’s most creative, forward-thinking people, including, but not limited to: Paolo Soleri, Frank Lloyd Wright, R. Buckminster Fuller, Sim Van der Ryn, Edward Mazria, Tom Bender, John Robbins, Scott Martin, John Nasbitt and Andreas Duany.

Bicycle City's mission is to design and build extraordinary eco-friendly, active and healthy communities to live, work and play. Together we will affect a profoundly positive impact on people, animals and the earth. Our team is working hard to design and develop communities that are right for our people, animals and earth - today. Ideally we can create Bicycle Cities in all 50 states and other countries.


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