Where Could Bicycle City Be Built Internationally?

Possible Bicycle City Locations in the United States

Bicycle City, South Carolina and Potential Future Locations Map

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen Lexington County, SC for the first Bicycle City.  We are located about 12 miles south of the Capital of Columbia.

Area Highlights Include:

  • Car-free Bicycling and Walking Greenways including the West Columbia and Cayce Riverwalks and their proposed extension to route 77 whereby people can travel safely by bicycle. We are also looking forward to the new 12th street extension as a part of connectivity to downtown locations.
  • Community Events such as the Tour de Midlands bike ride.
  • Green Destinations like The 12,000 Year History Park and especially the new Farmers Market. We have plans for organic farming and then selling a portion of it at the farmers market.

Future potential BC Locations are shown on the map below. Click on the image below for a larger version of the map.

Bicycle City Potential Locations

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