Community at Bicycle City

Bicycle City CommunityTo be a success, Bicycle City must be a wonderful community in which to live, work and play. It must have all of the same elements and benefits of other communities and more. We have included images on this page to show you the concept we are trying to convey – the images do not represent anything actual at this time.

Community Events

Imagine living in a place with interesting community events going on almost all of the time. Some of the events we hope to host in Bicycle City include:

  • Active & Healthy Retirement Convention
  • Alternative Energy Convention
  • Animal Community Convention
  • Animal Group Leaders Roundtable
  • Animal Sanctuary Leaders Roundtable
  • Art Festivals (visual and performing arts)
  • Bicycle Business Conference
  • Bicycle City Marathon
  • Children's Health and Safety Forum
  • Children’s Sports, such as Little League Baseball
  • Cycle Transportation Conference
  • Clean Technology Workshop
  • Climate Change Forum
  • Concerts
  • Cycle Safety Conference
  • Eco-Entrepreneurs Conference
  • Eco-Music Festival
  • Eco-Urban Planning Forum
  • Eco-Community Builders Convention
  • Eco-Community Construction Conference
  • An October 2007 Growth and Transportation Survey sponsored by the National Association of Realtors and Smart Growth America revealed that nearly nine in 10 people believe new communities need to be designed so that people can walk more and that new homes and buildings should be built to be more energy efficient.

    People who live in areas of suburban sprawl tend to weigh more and have higher blood pressure than do those who live in more compact or urban neighborhoods. (Smart Growth America)

  • Eco Art Festival
  • Endangered Species Forum
  • Environmental Design Forum
  • Environmental Leaders Roundtable
  • Green Athletes Forum
  • Green Celebrity Forum
  • Green Governor’s Annual Meeting
  • Green Governing Conference
  • Green is Green Conference
  • Green Philanthropy Roundtable
  • Kayaking ‘K’onvention
  • Holistic Health Care Forum
  • Montessori Conference
  • Organic Gardening Club Meetings
  • Organic Growers Annual Meeting
  • Progressive Education Conference
  • Selling Green Conference
  • Street Artists and Musicians
  • Tour De Bicycle City Annual Bicycle Race
  • Vegetarian Chef Convention
  • Weight Loss Week

Community Goals

Imagine when the first Bicycle City is complete... what achievements might we want to have accomplished? Here are some ideas that come to mind:

Bicycle City Restaurant

  • We plan to employ highly skilled and highly paid teachers in our schools.
  • Bicycle City places strong importance on creating a healthy lifestyle for our residents.
  • Our homes will be built to be truly green.
  • Bicycle City hopes to have a high number of homes boasting high-speed Internet access.
  • We plan to be home to a significant number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.
  • Bicycle City will have measures in place to ensure the highest level of child safety.
  • Our community will have many pedestrian and cycling trails.
  • We hope to have tremendous job growth.
  • We hope to be one of the country's most diverse small towns.
  • Bicycle City plans to be the first car-free community of its kind.
  • We plan to have bountiful organic farms to encourage a high rate of organic food consumption.
  • Our hope is that Bicycle City will offer the lowest carbon output per capita of any community in the United States.
  • Bicycle City plans to have very strong animal protection laws to ensure the health and well-being of our wildlife.
  • We hope to have very high levels of community satisfaction among our residents.

To learn more about communities that are favorable for cyclists, check out our profiles on bicycle-friendly communities around the world.

In what kind of community would you like to live? What things do you like and dislike about where you live now? What ideas do you have for Bicycle City in terms of events, government, education and health care? Please complete the form in the column to the right and let us know your thoughts.

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