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Montana could be one of the most perfect places for Bicycle City since as a state it retains so much of its unspoiled, natural beauty. The mountain trails are perfect for landlubbers, and the rivers and lakes will supply those who love water-focused activities and recreation with endless amounts of fishing and boating. The state has a low population which means plenty of clean, fresh air to breathe. Each season in Bicycle City, Montana would bring new wonders to marvel at. The autumn, with its colorful trees accentuating the skyline, the winter with fresh snow to ski and snowboard in... The spring announces new life as the flowers begin to bud and the summer where both humans and wildlife revel in basking in the sunshine. Bicycle City, MT is certain to lure those who wish to live a life that is both healthy as well as fun.

Extreme Northeast Montana Just South of Big Muddy River
  • Population Sheridan County: 3524, Population Daniels County: 1836, Population Roosevelt County: 10524, Population Richland County: 9096
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 14”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 22; Feb 32; March 44; April 61; May 73; June 81; July 87; Aug 87; Sep 74; Oct 61; Nov 39; Dec 26
  • Water: Big Muddy Creek, Poplar River, Medicine Lake
  • Zip Codes: 59212, 59213, 59226
    Developing Bicycle City, Montana in this region would provide residents with a wealth of history, culture and activities. They would be able to follow in the footsteps of Louis and Clark, exploring the wealth of Native American culture and learning about the pioneers and outlaws that once populated this region.
Extreme Eastern Central Area Just West of Dawson
  • Population: Population Custer County: 11267, Population Wibaux County: 951, Population Fallon County: 2717, Population Prairie County: 1105
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 15”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 28; Feb 35; March 45; April 58; May 69; June 79; July 87; Aug 86; Sep 75; Oct 61; Nov 42; Dec 32
  • Water: Yellowstone River, O’Fallon Creek, Missouri River
  • Zip Codes: 59336, 59301, 59313
    Bicycle City, MT would be a great addition to this area, particularly for those who love a Western atmosphere and winter sports as well. During the summer, residents can view history first hand with a live reenactment of Custer’s last stand. Winter brings sleigh riding and skiing and hot apple cider to finish off the day.
Extreme Northwest Region Just South of Kootenai River
  • Population: Lincoln County: 19193, Population Flathead County: 83172
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 15”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 29;l Feb 37; March 47; April 58; May 67; June 74; July 82; Aug 82; Sep 71; Oct 56; Nov 38; Dec 29
  • Water: Kootenai River, Lake Koocanusa, Flathead River
  • Zip Codes: 59917, 59918, 59923
    This particular region would go hand in hand with the Bicycle City, Montana belief in natural, healthy living. The area is well known for its wilderness areas, national parks, rivers and waterfalls. Between hiking in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter, there will never be a lack of healthy entertainment.
Northwest Area Just East of Clark Fork River
  • Population: Population Sanders County: 11057, Population Mineral County: 4014, Population Lake County: 28297
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 16”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 35; Feb 43; March 53; April 62; May 70; June 78; July 87; Aug 87; Sep 76; Oct 61; Nov 43; Dec 34
  • Water: Clark Fork, Flathead Lake, Flathead River
  • Zip Codes: 59831, 59844, 59845
    One of the biggest attractions of this area of Montana is the hot springs. After a long day at work, what could be more enticing than a long soak in the natural geothermal springs that this region has to offer? After you exercise, you can relax and restore using nature’s own hot tub.
North Central Region South of Milk River
  • Population: Population Blaine County: 6629, Population Hill County: 16304, Population Phillips County: 4179
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 14”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 26; Feb 34; March 45; April 59; May 69; June 78; July 84; Aug 84; Sep 72; Oct 59; Nov 40; Dec 30
  • Water: Fresno Reservoir, Milk River, Nelson Reservoir
  • Zip Codes: 59523, 59527, 59526
    For those who love water activities, this is one of the best places to be. Located in this region is the Fresno Reservoir, which offers camping, a beach to sun on and swim in and 65 miles of shoreline to explore in your boat
Southwest Region North of Red Rock River
  • Population: Beaverhead County: 8773, Population Madison County: 7274
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 13”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 28; Feb 33; March 42; April 52; May 61; June 71; July 79; Aug 78; Sep 69; Oct 56; Nov 38; Dec 28
  • Water: Red Rock River, Madison River, Hebgen Lake
  • Zip Codes: 59724, 59725, 59732
    This section of Montana would allow residents to slip into the past with its wealth of ghost towns where gold miners once flocked to try their luck. Camp for the weekend in Bannack State Park or just go for a day trip and enjoy nature’s splendor for just a dollar a person.
Southern Central Region South of Musselshell River
  • Population: Population Carbon County: 9902, Population Yellowstone County: 136691, Population Stillwater County: 8493, Population Sweet Grass County: 3672
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 14.77
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 33; Feb 40; March 48; April 58; May 67; June 78; Jul 86; Aug 84; Sep 72; Oct 59; Nov 43; Dec 35
  • Water: Yellowstone River, Clarks Fork, Musselshell River
  • Zip Codes: 59002, 59006, 59107, 59015
    Bicycle City, MT, would fit right into this area of clean living and natural beauty. The Clarks Fork River, described as wild and scenic, offers kayaking, camping and hiking in canyons that are both beautiful and rugged. It’s the perfect place to escape the stress of everyday life and restore the body, the mind and the spirit.
South East Region West of Tongue River
  • Population: Big Horn County: 13149, Population Treasure County 689
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 15”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 32; Feb 38; March 48; April 59; May 69; June 79; July 88; Aug 88; Sep 76; Oct 62; Nov 45; Dec 34
  • Water: Rosebud Creek, Tongue River, Bighorn River
  • Zip Codes: 59016, 59034, 59089
    This is an extremely advantageous region for those who love to be close to the water and indulge in the many adventures that such a location offers. It features one of the largest bodies of water in the area, the Tongue River, and offers a wide variety of activities including boating, camping, swimming and even ice fishing.
Southwest Region just east of Bitterroot River
  • Population: Granite County: 2965, Population Ravalli County 39940, Population Missoula County 100,086, Population Powell County 6999, Population Deer Lodge County: 8948, Population Silver Bow 32982
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 13”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 31; Feb 38; Mar 48; April 58; May 67; June 75; July 84; Aug 83; Sep 72; Oct 58; Nov 40; Dec 30
  • Water: Bitterroot River, Blackfoot River, Clark Fork
  • Zip Codes 59832, 59858, 59711
    This region of Montana seems to have been made for relaxing and getting closer to nature. Those who love to fish will enjoy the Blackfoot River Valley, one of Montana’s most popular fishing destinations. Those who just want to enjoy the river can go rafting and get a thrill as they cruise the whitewater rapids.
Northwest Region South of Hungry Horse Reservoir
  • Population: Pondera County 6087, Population Teton County 6240, Population Choteau County 5463
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 12”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 32; Feb 37; March 46; April 57; May 66; June 74; July 80; Aug 80; Sep 70; Oct 59; Nov 42; Dec 34
  • Water: Hungry Horse Reservoir, Marias River, Teton River
  • Zip Codes: 59425, 59448, 59486
    With 14 campgrounds at the Hungry Horse Reservoir alone, this area will please those looking for a peaceful getaway. The Marius River offers fly fishing and rafting. Visit the Choteau County Fair or gather up the family and the bike and take a 1-3 day, Lewis and Clark Trail Adventure.
Selected Educational Institutions in Montana

After viewing all there is to do and see in this state, it’s easy to conclude that this would be a wonderful area for Bicycle City, Montana. There is approximately only one million people in the entire state, which means clean, fresh air and unspoiled lands as well as astoundingly, beautiful vistas wherever you go. Less people means less noise and less traffic. It would be a wonderful place to raise the family or to settle down in retirement.

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