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Missouri would be an outstanding state for Bicycle City, MO. There’s fishing, camping, boating, hiking, and many other attractions that will appeal to those who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, surrounded by four seasons of beauty. Spend the weekend golfing or visit one of the many wineries to taste the fruit of the land. With its mild climate, outdoor lovers will enjoy the state all year round and with so many things to do, the entertainment is virtually endless.

North Central Region North of Grand River
  • Population: Population Harrison County: 8876, Population Mercer County: 3595, Population Grundy County: 10327, Population Daviess County: 8121, Population Livingston County: 14291
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 35”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 33; Feb 40; March 52; April 63; May 73; June 82; July 87; Aug 86; Sep 78; Oct 67; Nov 50; Dec 38
  • Water: Thompson River, Grand River, Locust Creek
  • Zip Codes: 64642, 64652, 64683

    This region is perfect for nature lovers. The Nature Conservancy, an organization that protects animal, plant and bird life, has chosen this area for its efforts. Visitors can watch butterflies flit amongst wildflowers, or go bird watching and catch the antics of grasshopper sparrows and prairie chickens. For those who believe in the preservation of all life forms, this is the place to be.

Northeast Region West of N. Fabius River
  • Population: Poulation Schuyler County: 4308, Population Scotland County: 4928, Population Clark County: 7323,
    Population Adair County: 24509, Population Knox County: 4171, Population Lewis County 10186, Population Shelby County: 6744, Population Marion County: 28375
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 34”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 31; Feb 38; March 50; April 62; May 73; June 82; July 87; Aug 85; Sep 77; Oct 65; Nov 49; Dec 36
  • Water: N. Fabius River, N. Fork Salt River, Chariton River
  • Zip Codes: 63531, 63537, 63446
    This area would be a great location for Bicycle City, Missouri, especially to those who enjoy all kinds of water activities. The Chariton River offers kayaking, canoeing, flat water paddling, as well as rafting. The river valley also allows for camping and wild life watching. It’s an excellent area to both live and play in.
Northeast Region Close to Mark Twain Lake
  • Population: Population Ralls County: 9761, Population Pike County: 18762, Population Audrain County: 25759, Population Monroe County 9379
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 39”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 35; Feb 42; March 53; April 65; May 75; June 84; Jul 89; Aug 87; Sep 79; Oct 68; Nov 53; Dec 40
  • Water: Salt River, Mark Twain Lake, Cuivre River
  • Zip Codes: 65232, 63345, 63352
    This region could be an excellent location for Bicycle City, MO, thanks to the laid-back living style and the variety of activities that are sure to entertain the entire family. Its close proximity to Mark Twain Lake allows those who love a western form of entertainment to indulge themselves at the rodeo. There’s also horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking adventures.
Southwest Region Near Harry S. Truman Reservoir
  • Population: Population Henry County: 22577, Population Saint Clair County 9686
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 44
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 38; Feb 45; March 56; April 67; May 76; June 84; Jul 90; Aug 89; Sep 81; Oct 70; Nov 55; Dec 43
  • Water: S. Grand River, Harry S. Truman Reservoir, Marais de Cygnes River
  • Zip Codes: 64726, 64735, 64788
    The natural living concept of Bicycle City, Missouri makes this region an ideal venue. Those who love to live close to the wilderness will enjoy being so close to the Osage River Valley. The river does not have public campgrounds or boating facilities so the nature of the area is unspoiled and welcomes those who love solitude. Bird-watching can be done on the observation deck of the Harry S. Truman Reservoir where one can watch bald eagles fly in their natural environment.
Southwest Area Close to Table Rock Lake
  • Population: Population Stone County: 30931, Population Christian County: 67266, Population Taney County: 42985, Population Clark County: 7323, Population Douglas County: 13594, Population Ozark County: 9490
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 45”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 43; Feb 50; March 59; April 69; May 76; June 83; July 88; Aug 88; Sep 80; Oct 71; Nov 57; Dec 47
  • Water: Table Rock Lake, James River, Bull Shoals Lake
  • Zip Codes: 65633, 65681, 65747
    This region of Missouri is designed both for families with children and for retirees. Those who love to golf will find plenty of golf courses to try in the Table Rock Lake area. There are also theme parks for children of all ages and many campgrounds that allow you to relax and commune with nature.
South Central Region Near Eleven Point River
  • Population: Population Howell County 38400, Population Oregon County 10403,
    Population Shannon County: 8367, Population Texas County: 24614
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 44”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 42; Feb 48; March 58; April 68; May 75; June 83; July 89; Aug 88; Sep 80; Oct 70; Nov 56; Dec 45
  • Water: Eleven Point River, Big Piney River, Current River
  • Zip Codes: 65466, 65571, 65546

    This is probably one of the most ideal regions for Bicycle City, Missouri. The low population allows for fresh clean air, and the outdoor activities available were designed for those who like to play in the sun. There’s camping and white water rafting on the Eleven Point River or one can head down the Big Piney River in a canoe.
Southwest Region West of Stockton Lake
  • Population: Vernon County: 20441, Population Cedar County: 14160, Population Barton County: 13057, Population Jasper County: 110624, Population Lawrence County: 37127, Population Dade County: 7830
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 41”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 41; Feb 46; March 57; April 68; May 76; June 84; July 90; Aug 89; Sep 80; Oct 70; Nov 56; Dec 44
  • Water: Stockton Lake, Sac River, Marais des Cygnes River
  • Zip Codes: 65607, 64744, 65785
  • Water lovers will greatly enjoy this region. Stockton Lake is known for its beautiful, clean water -- and because it’s not over crowded, there’s plenty of room for families to spread out and enjoy swimming, fishing and sailing. Deer can be seen sipping the pristine waters and bald eagles may fly overhead to the delight of all who see them.
Northwest Area Near Pettis County
  • Population: Pettis County: 40121, Population Cooper County: 17294, Population Moniteau County: 15084
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 41”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 37; Feb 44; Mar 55; April 66; May 75; June 83; July 89; Aug 88; Sep 80; Oct 69; Nov 54; Dec 42
  • Water: Lamine River, Missouri River, Blackwater River
  • Zip Codes: 65332, 65335, 65360
    Bicycle City, MO, would fit very nicely in this area. One of the main reasons is that the Katy Trail runs through the region. The Katy Trail is a 225-mile stretch of land that’s open year round to hikers, bikers and joggers. The area is also home to Scott Joplin, and visitors and residents can enjoy the annual ragtime festival in the summer.
Midwest Near Lake of the Ozarks
  • Population: Population Benton County: 18854, Population Morgan County: 20436, Population Miller county: 24712, Population Camden County: 39432
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 41”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 39; Feb 46; March 56; April 66; May 75; June 84; July 89; Aug 88; Sep 80; Oct 69; Nov 55; Dec 43
  • Water: Lake of the Ozarks, Osage River, Niagua River
  • Zip Codes: 65011, 65037, 65079
    This could be a prime location for Bicycle City, Missouri. Not only does the low population allow for clean land and fresh air, when it comes to outdoor recreation there’s something for everyone here. Explore the Jacob or Bridal Caves, tee off at one of the golf courses, or go fishing in the Lake of the Ozarks.
Southeast Area West of St. Francis River
  • Population: Wayne County: 13097, Population Carter County: 5910, Population Ripley County: 13851, Population Butler County: 41338
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 46”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 42; Feb 49; March 59; April 70; May 77; June 85; July 89; Aug 87; Sep 81; Oct 71; Nov 58; Dec 46
  • Water: St. Francis River, Black River, Current River
  • Zip Codes: 63632, 63950, 63952
  • Those who love white water rafting will greatly enjoy living in this area. The Saint Francis River is well known for its kayaking, canoeing and rafting. It’s also biking and hiking oriented. Pack up your mountain bike and head to Wappapello State Park and explore one of the scenic trails there. There’s also swimming, camping, hiking, fishing and horseback riding.
Selected Corporations Headquartered in MO
A Sampling of Higher Education in MN

In conclusion, Bicycle City, Missouri would be an excellent place for singles, families and retirees to live. The relaxed atmosphere combined with the emphasis on outdoor sports and entertainment would go hand in hand with the type of lifestyle that Bicycle City would offer. Click here to be added to our mailing list.

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