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Minnesota would be an excellent location for Bicycle City, MN. The state has over 11,000 lakes and more than 69,000 miles of rivers and streams for the outdoor enthusiast to explore, and those who prefer more structured recreation, such as teeing off on emerald green golf courses, will love the USGA events. All in all, Bicycle City, MN could be the perfect destination for those who love a healthy lifestyle, outdoor activities and plenty of fresh, clean air to breathe.

Northwest Region by Lake of the Woods
  • Population: 47,292 (Lake of the Woods and Beltrami Counties)
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 22”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 15; Feb 24; March 36; April 53; May 68; June 75; July 79; Aug 78; Sep 67; Oct 54; Nov 34; Dec 19
  • Water: Lake of the Woods, Rainy River, Upper Red Lake
  • Zip Codes: 56623, 56673, 56686
    This region would be a fabulous spot for Bicycle City, Minnesota. No matter what time of the year, there’s always a healthy activity to take part in. There’s snowmobiling in the winter, golfing in the spring, canoeing in the summer and ATVing in the fall. With four full seasons of fun, there would never be a dull moment in this great region.
North Central Region Near Rainy Lake
  • Population: 197,179 (St. Louis County)
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 27”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 16; Feb 24; March 35; April 51; May 65; June 73; July 77; Aug 75; Sep 65; Oct 52; Nov 33; Dec 20
  • Water: Rainy Lake, Rainy River, Kabetogama Lake
  • Zip Codes: 55705, 55706, 55746
    Another fine venue for Bicycle City, MN, would be the area around Rainy Lake. Nature lovers will revel in the wondrous beauty of the Superior National Park. Those who love to walk will enjoy strolling on the boardwalk and those who enjoy water will have plenty of canoeing and fishing to indulge in.
Extreme Northwest Region Near Agassiz Pool
  • Population: 80,803 (Kittson, Roseau, Marshall, Pennington, Red Lake and Polk Counties)
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 25”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 13; Feb 21; March 34; April 52; May 67; June 74; July 78; Aug 77; Sep 67; Oct 54; Nov 33; Dec 19
  • Water: Roseau River, Agassiz Pool, Red Lake
  • Zip Codes: 56646, 56723, 56542

    This region would be an appealing site for Bicycle City, Minnesota. Those who love animals will greatly enjoy being so close to the Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge. The Red River State Recreation area offers 72 campsites to choose from with lots of scenic trails for exploring the natural beauty of the area.
North Central Region Near Lake Winnibigoshish
  • Population: 135,026 (Beltrami, Itasca, Hubbard and Cass Counties)
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 28”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 15; Feb 22; March 35; April 51; May 64; June 73; July 76; Aug 75; Sep 64; Oct 51; Nov 33;. Dec 19
  • Water: Lower Red River, Lake Winnibigoshish, Leech Lake
  • Zip Codes: 56628, 55730, 56636

    This area is a dream location for water lovers and nature lovers alike. There’s the Lake Winnie resort area that offers fishing on a world-class level. There’s also a host of other activities that will please all who live and visit there, such as stargazing, dog sledding and cross country skiing.
Northeast Region Near Vermillion Lake
  • Population: 241,563 (St. Louis and Itasca Counties)
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 29”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 17; Feb 26; March 38; April 54; May 68; June 76; July 80; Aug 78; Sep 67; Oct 54; Nov 35; Dec 21
  • Water: Vermillion Lake, Fork River, Little Fork River
  • Zip Codes: 55793, 56565, 55753

    What better place for Bicycle City, MN, than one designated by the National Geographic Society as being home to “one of the most scenic lakes in the US”? It’s also known as the lake of the red sunsets, which pretty much says it all. Both couples and families can rent private cabins, go sailing or take advantage of the fishing opportunities. There are even floatplane air tours that allow you to combine your love of water with the wide open skies.
Western Central Region Near Buffalo River
  • Population: 150,166 (Clay, Becker, Otter Tail and Wilkin Counties
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 27”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 20; Feb 27; March 39; April 56; May 71; June 78; July 82; Aug 81; Sep 71; Oct 58; Nov 38; Dec 25
  • Water: Buffalo River, Red River, Otter Tail Lake
  • Zip Codes: 56515, 56324, 56533

    This area seems custom-made for Bicycle City, Minnesota. It’s a prairie region, and with prairies come lots of outdoor trails. The area also offers swimming, camping and bird watching. Otter Tail Lake offers sandy beaches, water skiing and paddle boating. It’s an excellent place to raise a family or retire in.
Extreme Southwest Region Near the Des Moines River
  • Population: 92,870 (Lyon, Murray, Nobles, Redwood, Cottonwood and Jackson Counties)
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 27”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 22; Feb 29; March 40; April 56; May 71; June 80; July 83; Aug 81; Sep 73; Oct 60; Nov 41; Dec 27
  • Water: Redwood River, Des Moines River, Cottonwood River
  • Zip Codes: 56152, 56180, 56083
    Home to Alexander Ramsey Park, this area offers an abundance of healthy outdoor activities. During the summer, allow yourself to be mesmerized by the flowing beauty of the Ramsey Park’s waterfalls. The falls are no less fabulous in the winter when they freeze as though suspended in time. Kids of all ages will love the zoo and there’s plenty of camping to go around.
Southwest Region Near Big Stone Lake
  • Population: 25,231 (Traverse, Big Stone, Grant and Stevens Counties)
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 23”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 21; Feb 28; March 40; April 58; May 72; June 80; July 85; Aug 83; Sep 74; Oct 61; Nov 40; Dec 26
  • Water: Big Stone Lake, Lake Traverse, Pomme De Terre River
  • Zip Codes: 56236, 56583, 56296

    At 26 miles long, the Big Stone Lake offers plenty of fun for all who visit the area. There are trails for hiking, a beach for swimming and a picnic area to feast in. Fishing enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the wide variety of fish that swim in the waters, and outdoor lovers can camp and commune with nature.
Central Region Near Gull Lake
  • Population: 99,951 (Wadena, Cass, Morrison and Todd Counties)
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 26”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 16; Feb 25; March 37; April 53; May 67; June 76; July 79; Aug 77; Sep 67; Oct 54; Nov 35; Dec 20
  • Water: Gull Lake, Crow Wing River, Mississippi River
  • Zip Codes: 56626, 56474, 56456

    This would be a wonderful place for Bicycle City, MN. With its abundance of campgrounds and resorts, it’s a great area to live and play. Novice boaters can attend sailing school at the Gull Lake Yacht Club, and experts can become members. Get in touch with nature in the Crow Wing River wilderness or get a sense of the rich history of the region while paddling the majestic Mississippi River.
Northeast Region Near Cloquet River
  • Population: 208,335 (Lake and St. Louis Counties)
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 28”
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 16; Feb 24; March 36; April 51; May 67; June 73; July 77; Aug 75; Sep 64; Oct 52; Nov 33; Dec 20
  • Water: Cloquet River, Lake Superior, St. Louis River
  • Zip Codes: 55750, 55753, 55741

    This region should have a magnetic effect on wildlife lovers. Watch bald eagles soar overhead as you paddle the white waters, and be sure to wave at the black bears and timber wolves – but only from a safe distance! During the winter, the Hoyt Lake area offers downhill and cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and ice fishing. The summer brings warm days at the beach and fun weekends at the campgrounds.
Selected Major Corporations Headquartered in MN
A Sampling of MN Higher Education Institutions

In conclusion, Minnesota would be an outstanding location for Bicycle City, Minnesota. With its many lakes, nature trails and abundant activities designed for a healthy lifestyle, the state embodies all of the positive Bicycle City concepts.

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